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A history of the society has been written by Prof. Jörg Frei a number of years ago and is available from here (in French). We are happy to mention that André Déom is working on a compilation of data and information to refresh this history.  


AFABS: Journée de formation et lundis de Lausanne 2018 (added 06th March 2018)
The AFABS (Association pour la Formation en Analyses de Biologie Spécialisée) is organising 4 continuous training evenings in Lausanne in 2018 as well as one full thematic day "Contribution du laboratoire à l'évaluation de la fonction rénale" May 3rd, in Montreux. More information and registration at www.afabs.ch. See also the events page.<

De Barjac Prize (added 21st February 2018)
The foundation F4labmed (Foundation for Laboratory medicine) is supporting yearly a young researcher with a Prize of 5'000 CHF for the best publication of a biomarker translational medical research project. The prize will be presented during the 2018 SSCC annual assembly. Deadline for submission is 1st September 2018. More information at www.f4labmed.ch.

SGKC/SSCC 2018, Annual Assembly 2018 of the SSCC in Bern (added 5th February 2018)
Save the date ! 15. - 16. November 2018, EVENTfabrik, Bern. Website is open; Information at (www.sgkc2018.ch.
See also the events page.

Molecular Diagnostics Symposium 2018 (added 5th February 2018)
08 - 09 March 2018, Forum St. Peter, Zurich. Information at (http://www.molekularediagnostik.ch.
See also the events page.

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