Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie
Société Suisse de Chimie Clinique
Società Svizzera Chimica Clinica
Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry

News from the SSCC

SGKC/SSCC 2019, Annual Assembly 2019 of the SSCC in Zürich (added 14th August 2019)
Fake-news or Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine
28. - 30. August 2019, Technopark, Zürich.
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SSCC recommendations, ionised calcium (added 23rd November 2018)
The Post Analytics Working group has published the following Recommendation: "Befundung und Resultatübermittlung in Klinischer Chemie: Ionisiertes Calcium".
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Other Events and information

L4CHLAB Dataset (added 28th August 2019)
L4CHLAB is a list of clinical chemistry analyses together with their LOINC code. It has been established with major Swiss Hospital and University Labs with the goal to generate an encoding system that allows to qualify the interoperability or comparability between results from diffferent labs. Including information such as providers, instrument and kit version allows a number of these encoded analyses to be directly comparable. The dataset is available on the FAMH website in german / french .
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CAS in Laboratory Medicine (added 19th August 2019)
The FAMH courses "Tronc commun" are being discontinued and replaced by a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Laboratory Medicine. These certificates are organised in German by the University of Zurich and in French by the University of Geneva. More infomation is available for the CAS in french and in german on the FAMH website. See also the CAS websites at the University of Zurich :" and at the University of Geneva :
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