Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie
Société Suisse de Chimie Clinique
Società Svizzera Chimica Clinica
Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry


    SCDAT Swiss Guidelines for Drug of Abuse Testing (updated 28. Feb. 2023)
    The Swiss Guidelines for Drugs of Abuse Testing (SCDAT guidelines) have been revised by the Medicaments working group of the SSCC. The new updated version is available in English, German and French from
    Note: This publication was originally generated by the former AGSA group of the SULM, and then by the Swiss Committee for Drug of Abuse Testing. Since 2014, the responsibility of the SCDAT Guidelines has been transferred to the working group “Medicaments” of the SSCC.

    Medicaments Monographies 

    (updated 25. Nov. 2007)
    The following documents are published by the Medicaments Working Group.

    QUALAB (updated 10. Jan. 2011)
    For all documents please go directly to the QUALAB website. Versions of checklists, internal and external quality control documents exist in German, French and English

    FAMH (updated 11. June 2021)
    L4CHLAB dataset: an exchange file with a list of clinical chemistry analyses with their corresponding LOINC codes, with vendor, instrument and kit information. This list is generated in the frame of the SPHN L4CHLAB project.

    SULM (updated 30. Mar. 2017)
      KBMAL 3.0 / CFLAM 3.0. The newest version of the KBMAL (Kriterien zum Betreiben von medizinischen Laboratorien) / CFLAM (Critères de fonctionnement des laboratoires d’analyses médicales) are to be implemented from Jan 1st, 2017. Links to german version: Webpage and document. Links to french version: Webpage and document. .   

    History of the SSCC

    (updated 7. March 2018)
    See the dedicated SSCC history page.